Play Digimon ReArise story after official server shutdown

Get the Android app here: global or Japan. Move this file to your phone (or download directly on the phone) and open the file to install.

All story is unlocked in DigiTown → Menu → Story Select. All story cutscenes are available including past time-limited events, gameplay-function cutscenes and even never-before-seen vs. Guardians insert cutscenes, except that a few chapters are only available in the Japanese app.

The app can be installed side-by-side with the official one. But the icons and names are the same, so be careful.

What if I have iOS?

Install an Android emulator on a computer. Many free Android emulators are available (I hear BlueStacks works on Macs).

Alternatively, you can set up a proxy that will redirect the official app to the custom server: see the bottom of this page.

Will this app ever work on iOS?

I don’t think it is possible to install custom apps on iOS. But if you know how, do tell me. Unfortunately I also don’t have the official .ipa file, and I’m not sure whether it’s possible to obtain it any more.

Can I transfer my official account?

Maybe, if you still have the app installed and haven’t cleared cache.

On Android, you need “root”. On many Android emulators, root is already enabled or you can enable it in the settings. On BlueStacks, try one of these options. On a real phone or tablet, find and follow a recent (!) guide to root your phone. This may officially void your warranty, and some apps may restrict their functionality until you disable/remove root again. While rooted, extract the file that is in this directory (to find it, you may need to enable Root Access in your File Manager as well):

Send me this file. If the directory is empty and contains no files, your account data is unfortunately already gone.

On iOS, you need either “jailbreak” or TrollStore. Use a file manager such as Filza for TrollStore to:

  1. select access to underlying file system,
  2. open /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application,
  3. find the Digimon ReArise directory,
  4. inside it open Documents/cache/X3UvZc5yBeuTYqpwOZ2CRNYVxyYb8Qag,
  5. and extract the file that is within.
Send me this file. If the last directory is empty and contains no files, your account data is unfortunately already gone. (The necessary file is not just the preferences that can be backed up via iMazing.)

What can I do in-game?

Can I feed my Digimon or decorate my DigiTown?

Not yet.

Can I play battles?

No. If you try, you’ll get an error. There are no immediate plans to add this, but it is possible in the future.

I saved my account but my progress was lost!

It is saved but hidden for now. This allows most sections to be locked. When they are implemented, your progress will reappear automatically.

Do you have the story of past events and clash battles?

Yes. It is available in-game in DigiTown → Menu → Scene Select → Event Story. Gameplay-function cutscenes are also available, as well as vs. Guardians inserts that were prepared but never actually shown: see Scene Select → Extras.

Several Spotlight Digimon Quests, Side Stories and events were never translated from Japanese. They are only available in the Japanese app. My hope is to translate them into English at some point, but I don’t speak Chinese or Korean. I’ll be happy if anyone wants to translate them into those languages; contact me if you do.

Can I switch between Japanese and other languages?

Not yet, but in the future you will hopefully be able to transfer your account between the two apps.

What has been changed in the app?

Does the app still send any usage info to Bandai or other parties?

Yes; but I am not sure what it means and whether anyone is actually collecting it on the other end. Some of it seems to get rejected. If Bandai does collect this info, maybe they will see people are still interested in the game.

How do I run the app on GrapheneOS?

Activate this setting: App info → Advanced → Configure hardening → DISABLE_HARDENED_MALLOC.

Other questions or issues

Ping Chortos-2 on Discord or send a message on Reddit or elsewhere.

I don’t want to play. Can I just have the game’s resources?

A compact (heh) archive of decrypted Unity asset bundles is on Mega and MediaFire.

If you need the files for all languages and for iOS, as well as the non-decrypted audio and video files, they are all here. If you need them in bulk, use this script to download them.

Decrypted audio, video, master configuration and decryption instructions will follow shortly.

I know how to operate proxies. Can I keep using only the official app?

Yes. Advanced users can set up a HTTPS middle-in-the-man proxy from (for Japan) or (global) to for all official apps. However, note that you need to go through the same transfer process as everyone else to preserve your account data.

How do I operate a proxy like that?

The following should work for iOS and for Android 6 or below:

  1. Close Digimon ReArise from the phone’s task switcher if it is already running (or reboot the phone).
  2. On your computer, install mitmproxy.
  3. Download this config.yaml file and find it in your Downloads folder. Keep the Downloads folder open.
  4. Move this file into a .mitmproxy folder inside your home directory. Here is how:
    • In a separate window, open your home directory. To do this on Windows, type %userprofile% into Start Menu, Search or an address bar, and press Enter.
    • Within your home directory, create a folder named .mitmproxy (pay attention to the dot in front). Open it.
    • Drag the config.yaml file you downloaded earlier into the .mitmproxy folder.
    • You can now close both folders.
  5. On your computer, open a terminal/command prompt.
    • On Windows, type cmd into Start Menu or Search to find Command Prompt.
    • On other platforms, you probably have a “Terminal” application.
  6. In the terminal, type mitmdump and hit Enter.
  7. Find out your computer’s local IP address.
  8. Configure your phone/tablet to use the proxy.
  9. Install the proxy’s certificate on the phone/tablet: open in a browser on the phone/tablet and follow the instructions.
  10. You can now launch Digimon ReArise.
  11. When you’re done playing, turn off the proxy settings on your phone/tablet and shut down mitmproxy on the computer.
  12. When you want to restart playing, just reopen the terminal on the computer and type mitmdump, and re-enable the proxy on the phone/tablet.